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Working from home as an online teacher has given me the flexibility to be present with my children while also making a significant income that helps my family pay off debt and save for the future. I can’t imagine ever going back to set hours and a location-dependent job. I feel truly in control of my ti20180815_0090me, finances, and life since discovering online teaching, and I love helping others become successful online teachers, as well.

I have a YouTube channel dedicated to helping others become online teachers or create online businesses, you can check it out here. 

I’ve worked with 3 different companies teaching online and would recommend them all.


I started with VIPKid in 2017 and am still with them today.

I average about $22/hour teaching with them and the lessons are all pre-made. Head to the VIPKid page on my site to learn more about how it works and the qualifications. If you want to apply, click here to be taken to the application page. 

In 2019 I heard of a similar company to VIPKid called Gogokid. This company offered me a higher base pay but the structure of the company was virtually the same – the lessons are all pre-made and the hours are the same. Head to the Gogokid page on my site to learn more about teaching with them, or click here to apply now. 

The newest company I’ve joined is Outschool, and so far it’s been the most lucrative with an average of more than $50/hour. Students from all around the world can take classes from Outschool, and the requirements to become a teacher are less strict than with VIPKid or Gogokid because they do not require a degree. At Outschool teachers plan their own classes about anything they want, from core subjects like math and reading to social clubs, even theme-based classes like Lego building or LOL dolls. Teachers set their own prices, schedules, and class lengths, giving complete control to the teacher. Learn more about Outschool on the Outschool page of my site, or click here to apply now.

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